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    Each of my classes created a Class Fist Bump with which we greet each other at the door, every day, at the beginning of each class.  The fist bump helps set the tone each day - we are going to acknowledge each other, appreciate each other, and respect each other.  A fist bump is less formal than a handshake and symbolizes my relaxed, easy going, and often irreverent, teaching style.  The closed fist of a fist bump, though, is the same closed fist of a champion boxer, and while we strive to keep a positive, uplifting classroom environment filled with laughter, we do have serious work to do, and worthy opponents like the ELA-FSA, the ACT, and/or the SAT to knock out as part of our quests for high school diplomas and future successes.
    The other practice I need to mention is how I decorate my classroom, to help students get to know me as a person, which in turn helps me build relationships with them.   I'm a lifelong, passionate fan of the Minnesota Vikings.  My wife doesn't let me keep my Viking gear at home, so I use my purple and gold Viking posters, hats, toothbrushes, dog collars, shopping bags, alarm clocks, flags, jerseys, and Fatheads to decorate my classroom.  My classroom is really my man cave.  It shows students a personal side of me and makes my room look fun.  I take some grief from my students and colleagues, because the Vikings haven't been all that good for the past couple of decades, but I am a pillar of loyalty and perseverance anyone can emulate.  When one suffers, it builds character.  Having suffered, one appreciates the sweet taste of victory even more when it does happen.  Eventually.  Someday.  Or at least I think that's what happens.  I don't really know.  Not yet.  But 2016 is the Vikings' year!  It's our time!  Why not us?  Why not now?
    I came up with a pretty sweet Nerf basketball game to review vocabulary words a few years ago.  Students love it, and as many of my students are typically kinesthetic, hands on learners, the game really helps them review their new vocabulary. 

    Mr. Fox

    FAVORITE INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES                                                                                                               
    "Whether you think you CAN, or think you CAN'T, either way, you're right."
    -- Henry Ford
    “A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, the team will say: we did it ourselves.”
    -- L. Tzu (This was Hall of Fame Viking Coach Bud Grant's philosophy)

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