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    • Introduction to Technology
    • Digital Design I
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    • Content 6 - 12
    • ESOL
    • ESE
    • Adobe Photoshop Certified
    • CIW Certified (Certified Internet Web)
    • Adobe Illustrator Certified
    • Adobe InDesign Certified


    Teacher Biography
    I have been teaching for 18 years in the Lake County School District. Prior to becoming an educator, I worked full-time as a Paralegal while earning both my Bachelor and Master degrees from Florida A&M University. My educational strife continued, as I received my Doctorate of Education from Walden University in 2010.
    I start every period of the day the same way. I am at my door early to greet and compliment “my wonderful ones.” Although each class responds differently (energetic or even mumble) I don’t care because I know that each day will be a great day. Greeting each of them makes me feel good. I get a chance to pause before beginning the day’s lesson and concentrate on the students before me. I get to look at them and remember that they are full of hope, potential and eagerness. I get to see them as individual young adults, not a collection of kids dropped on my roster

    Instructional Best Practice


    I constantly remind students that they can accomplish the biggest and most complicated job if they just complete it one step at a time.  They are reminded to believe in themselves. I make sure students allow only positive thoughts to dominate their thinking such as, I can, I am worthy, I like myself, I am strong and self-secure, I can handle what comes my way and I know the future holds opportunities for me. I love helping my students and colleagues to think deeper and learn more. It helps me do the

    Inspirational Quote
     “In the beginning stage, sets smaller and achievable goals for yourself so that you can achieve most of them.”



    Dr. Johnson

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