•  Mr. Vin Montuori
    Contact Information
    Phone Numbers:
    School: 352-392-9600 Ext. 5242
    Cell: 352-638-4920
    Office Hours
    Monday,Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:
    After 2:30p
    AP United States Government
    Social Science 5 - 9
    Social Science 6 - 12
    Journalism 6 - 12
    Florida Bar Teacher's Law School
    Justice Teaching Institute
    Florida Supreme Court 
    United States Supreme Court
    Content Area Reading (CAR-PD)
    College Board Certifications: AP United States Government and Politics; AP Microeconomics and Macroeconomics and AP Human Geography



    Teacher Biography
    Vincent Montuori teaches AP United States Government and Politics at Lake Minneola High School. He has also taught Political Science, Law Studies, Court Procedures, United States History, Psychology and AP Human Geography. He was voted LMHS Teacher of the Year by his colleagues in 2012.
    He was elected to the Lake County Education Association Board of Directors in 2017.

    He was formerly a Social Science Teacher and Dean, Administration at Imagine Schools at South Lake in Clermont, Florida (2007-2011) where he was named Imagine South Lake Teacher of the Year honors in 2010.


    Prior to his education career, Mr. Montuori held several senior marketing positions at News Corporation (1998–2005), which allowed him to work on such properties as the New York Post, TV Guide, Fox Studios, Australia and Sky Digital in Europe. Prior to that he was Group Manager, Marketing for the Coca-Cola Company's Fountain Division's Northeast Area (1989-1996).


    Mr. Montuori has a BFA from New York University and now lives in Clermont with his beagle Mulligan.


    Celebratory Best Practice


    The ‘Mistake’ Bell: I am personally concerned that our current educational system, with its almost fanatical focus on high stakes testing, is sending the wrong messages to our students. Those messages are not only that ‘mistakes’ will not be tolerated, but that you only get ‘one shot’ at success. Baloney! I want my students to challenge themselves in a safe environment, and by definition, that means making lots of mistakes along the way. We all know that some of our best lessons in life came from our mistakes. So in my class mistakes are not only welcome, THEY ARE ALSO CELEBRATED. Driving this point home I utilize an old fashion hotel desk bell. My students are encouraged to catch me in mistakes, any mistakes – factual, grammatical, and contextual. If they catch me, they get to ring the bell. This sound is not only entertaining, it is also a very useful pneumonic devise which each time it rings reinforces to my kids that ‘if Mr. Montuori is not embarrassed by his mistake, why should I be”. It also helps keep me on my toes and prepared as teenagers do not need any additional reasons to think we adults just don’t get it.


    Instructional Best Practice

    ‘Who in the World” Activity: Standards and benchmarks can be very restrictive, but they shouldn’t rob a teacher of creativity. One very popular feature in all my classes is the “Who in the World said” activity I do every Monday for extra credit. It’s not rocket science, I simply locate a quote or motto which relates to the learning goal I am teaching that week. Then I provide my students with clues for them to identify the author. This simple activity provides my students with three valuable lessons. First it allows me to introduce the topic or skill in a way that allows for higher order thinking as they research, ponder and debate the origin and meaning of each quote. Second, it allows me to introduce a wide range of individuals – both saints and sinners – to my classes. People who might not be directly covered by any standards or syllabus. Finally, ‘WitW’ as it is referred is not Bellwork, but rather an extra-credit exercise which earns my students a few additional points and that can mean the difference between an ‘A” and an ‘A+’


    Inspirational Quote

    “It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we must do what is required”

    - Winston Churchill


    Vin Montuori

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