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    Phone Number:
    352-394-9600 Ext
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    Monday,Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:
    7:20-9:00 a.m.
    If you email me your phone number, I can call you. My phone does not ring in my classroom. 
    7:20-8:30 a.m.

    • AP Language & Composition
    • Yearbook
    • Moodle Course: Link
    • English 6 - 12
    • ESOL
    • Drama
    • National Board Certified Teacher
    Teacher Biography

    Mrs. Parker has taught English, drama, speech, journalism, and yearbook.  She values her time spent with her family.  Her husband is an avid bicyclist, and she does occasional cycling. She has a daughter who graduated from South Lake High and is now attending Valencia, majoring in Culinary Art. She also has a son who is an attorney in Tampa.  In her spare time she reads, grades, plans her students' lessons but most importantly, spends time with her 5 year old grandson or goes shopping with her daughter.


    Celebratory Best Practice

    I listen; I learn; I teach. Whatever goes into being a good teacher, I’m willing to try. I rely on colleagues, locally and online. Communicating with co-workers and hearing what they are doing in their classrooms, particularly within AP Language or Journalism, strengthens what I am able to do in my own classroom.  Collaboration with the community of fellow teachers in my district strengthens me. As a teacher, my strongest role is to be a facilitator of learning – to lead students to where they can find the answers. I shake their hands; I welcome them to class; I begin the class with positive words; only in a warm, encouraging environment do students have the freedom to take chances, trust others, trust me and then learn.

    Instructional Best Practice

    My best practices are in grading and feedback. Writing is an integral part of this curriculum, and in order to improve, students need feedback.  I use rubrics to grade essays, but I also prepare comments so that students know where their weaknesses are and how to improve them. Students keep writing folders and monitor their strengths and weaknesses from paper to paper.




     Inspirational Quotes

    "Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort."
    Theodore Roosevelt 

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