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    Teacher Biography
    I am originally from Maryland, and I graduated from the University of Maryland with a double major in English and Ancient Languages: Greek and Latin. I received my Master's from Johns Hopkins. My favorite things to do are read books, play with my pets, boat, and fish.  I have been teaching for thirty years, and each year is a new adventure!

                                    Celebratory Best Practice: 

          Fascinated by the new discoveries in neurology concerning learning, I try to apply some of the findings of the new research in my lessons.  For example, one thing I have used is the power of music to create earworms which help students trigger information under stress.   Many students have come back to me, telling me that they used their songs to help them during their ACT, SAT, and PERT testing.

                                 Instructional Best Practice: 

       I believe that communication is vital between teacher, parent, and student.  With this in mind, students are given my cell phone number so that they can call me for any help they may need with assignments after school.  Their parents can also call with any concerns they may have.  In addition, I also try to call parents at least once a month with an update on their child's progress--good, bad, or the same- with suggestions to keep the student progressing in their growth.  Parents and students seem to like having me on demand for their needs!

     Inspirational Quote
     The apple in the garden of Eden was language. Language is that which gives us the ability to think, moralize, and step outside natural instinct.  We can choose to be higher than the angels or lower than the meanest devil.




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