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    Lake Minneola High School is proud to offer a variety of athletic activities to our students!
    Access information regarding any of our athletic teams using the links at the top.

    Athletic Department

    • Walter Banks Asst. Athletic Director                             
    • Kerry Whetro Athletic Director                                     
    • Kristine Cavinder Asst. Principal over Athletics               
    • Robyn Campos Eligibility                                                     
    • Melissa Neu Athletic Trainer                                         


    Coaching Staff


    Fall Sports

    • Walter Banks Head Football Coach                               
    • Baylie Bridges Head Volleyball Coach                            
    • Kahlil Tucker Cross Country Coach                               
    • Sheryl Gilliland Cross Country Coach                               
    • Heidi Hoffman Head Bowling Coach                             
    • Jason DeRoche Boys Golf Coach                                       
    • Kelly Smith Girls Golf Coach                                        
    • Tara Williams Head Swimming Coach                           
    • Kelly D’Haiti Head Cheerleading Coach                     


    Winter Sports

    • Marcel Thomas Head Boys Basketball Coach                 
    • Corey Isom Boys Basketball Coach                            
    • Ron Brown Head Girls Basketball Coach                 
    • Bryon Kelso Head Boys Soccer Coach                        
    • Jason Kovacsev Head Girls Soccer Coach                        
    • Kahlil Tucker Head Girls Weightlifting Coach              
    • Kelly D’Haiti Head Cheerleading Coach                     



    Spring Sports

    • Kerry Whetro Head Baseball Coach                             
    • Tony Ridge Head Softball Coach                                
    • Kyle Johnson Head Boys Lacrosse Coach                   
    • Stacy Mauro Head Girls Lacrosse Coach                    
    • Kahlil Tucker Head Track and Field Coach                 
    • Katelyn Raber Head Tennis Coach                                  
    • Takia Parham Head Boys Weightlifting Coach             
Last Modified on October 31, 2018