*Please remember that the elective selections are not set in stone. The master schedule is built based on the number of students that request a particular course, but space is limited. Students were instructed to pick alternate selections in case their first choice was full. If a student neglects to turn in their registration form, classes will be selected for them.

     You can access forms regarding new student registration,
    and scheduling for our current students on the left hand side.

     Please note that we are not taking appointments for scheduling.
    If you believe there is an issue with your request list or schedule,
    please email your guidance counseloror submit a note with a parent signature. 

    Here are some things that affect scheduling:
    Our Master Schedule  is built off of classes that your students select. 
     If a student changes his/her mind, or doesn't fill out the course selection paperwork accurately, he/she may not get the electives of their choice. 
    Due to class size reduction and limited space, we only have a certain number of seats available for academic and elective courses. 
     It is important that your student choose alternate classes or have a back up plan in case their first choice is full, or doesn't fit into their schedule.

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Last Modified on May 23, 2017