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    Welcome to our website. This is a great place to get valuable information about what is going on in our classroom. 
    PTO Carnival is Friday, April 13, 2018 from 5:30-8:30. Come out and have a great time! There will be lots of food and games!
    Field trip to Sea World is on May 11, 2018.
    Last day of school is approaching quickly!
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    Wild About Reading

         Wild About Reading is Cypress Ridge’s at home reading recognition program. Because in real life we read all sorts of things, in all sorts of places, that is what we are promoting with Wild About Reading.  Your child will receive a salmon colored card on which you’ll keep count of the number of minutes your child has read in each category.  If, for example, your child reads a biography in a comfy chair for 15 minutes, you only count that in one section: either for “comfy chair” or “biography.”  You can also count times you read to your child, but as the year progresses, we want your child to be doing a good bit of the reading herself.  You will see that in the Real World Texts section, you will most likely be reading with your child. AND it will probably take you several different days to get to 30 minutes read. You may read from food containers on 12 different days, but you don’t have to write all 12 dates down; just a few will do.  On the card, just jot the number of minutes read, in the minutes column, so you don’t forget, then write the total when it’s over 30 minutes.  The goal is for each child to have read 30 minutes or more with each kind of text and genre, and in each of the places listed.

        This record-keeping part of this program will end on April 4, 2014, but we hope that you and your child do not stop reading then! At that point at the end of March, the yellow colored cards will need to be turned in.  Children who have logged 30 minutes or more in every section and in every row will earn a special medal to be awarded in June! 

        If you should take a photograph of your child reading someplace listed on the card, please email it to me and we’ll share it in the classroom and throughout the school!


    Happy Reading!