Ricardo Quiles



Degrees and Certifications:

Ricardo Quiles

Instructional best practice

I have very high expectations for myself and my students on our Road To Success.  I believe that my class is great because we have a very interactive way to learn with daily fun class discussions, fun projects, educational movies, charades “Acting 101” and celebrations.  I implement AVID strategies such as; Interactive Notebooks, Cornell Notes, Philosophical Chairs Discussions, Socratic circles, Group Settings and Support Facilitation.  My students are challenged on a daily basis with daily achievable goals and directed with specific objectives.  We practice our critical thinking skills as we elaborate and hypothesize with daily higher order questions.  We discuss learning strategies on a daily basis that allow us to learn the skills necessary to be successful in all aspects of our lives.  My class is awesome because we care and respect each other in our journey to be the best that we can be.

Celebratory best practice

I like to celebrate my student’s success by recognizing their overall GPA monthly improvements.  I Award the top performers in my class with a certificate of “Student of the Month” which includes the privilege of ordering lunch from our Royal Court Café or a “Free Day Pass” in class.  I post their Awards in the classroom and celebrate their success by sharing their accomplishments.  In order to create a positive attitude in our classroom I monitor my student’s behavior in Classdojo.com and reward them during special celebrations throughout the year with a class meal if they achieve a 90% positive behavior.

Inspirational quote

It is within our souls that we find the strength to fuel our hearts,

It is our hearts that fuels our passion to make a difference!!!