Our AP English Language Graduates have Plans!
    Our Students have Plans!  
    Welcome to AP English Language and Composition!
    This college-level composition course is designed to teach students how to read complex texts, and write confidently and effectively about a wide variety of topics and for a broad range of purposes.  As students transition into college or careers, they will need to have the ability to read critically, evaluate carefully, and respond with clarity about information they encounter.  That is what this class will prepare them to do. 
    Students enrolled in this class should expect to be challenged.  They will be required to read, write and work on analytical skills on a daily basis.  In addition, there will be longer-term assignments which must be completed outside of class.  Each student is expected to take the AP English Language exam in May. All the coursework, as well as regular practice exams, are designed to prepare students for this extremely rigorous exam.  This class will enable them to read difficult texts, become more confident in their writing abilities, and become more aware of the information the encounter on a daily basis.
    I am excited to lead this class and look forward to working with each student, preparing him or her to become college and career ready. 
    Mrs. Amy Shamrock
    Mrs. Shamrock