• Welcome back to East Ridge High School for the 2014-2015 School Year!  I am very excited to be back on the Ridge teaching my favorite grade level.  The focus of English II Honors is World Literature.  
    I love teaching 10th grade and have been for most of my 20 years in education. This is my 11th year at  ERHS.
    It will be a great year as long as we follow some community rules.  
    1. We need to respect each other: that means no lying to me or yourself. 
    2. We need to be polite: I will gladly listen to all of you...just not all at once. And, I expect that you understand everyone has their opinion and it may not be yours. 
    3. You need to be prepared: I cannot lend supplies to everyone and when you forget yours and have to ask for help it slows down our progress. 
    I look forward to an awesome year with you!
    Mrs. Marvich