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    In this course students will study the structure and foundations of the United States Government.  In addition they will study the history, structure intent, past and present implications of the American governing system.  Students will give their insight, create and produce projects with the goal of impacting their fellow citizens.


    Supplies Needed:  5- 1 subject notebook, folder (1), paper, pencils, pens, glue sticks, colored pencils


    Course books: CIVICS  in practice


    Interactive Notebook:  Organizational tool designed to allow the student multiple ways to process information of the course. (ONE per semester)

    Classroom Rules:

    -       No gum, food, or drinks 

    -       Raise your hand before speaking

    -       Think before you speak.

    -       No personal cell phone use

    -       Follow all school & classroom procedures.

    School Tardy Policy:

    -       First offense: verbal warning

    -       Second offense: call home

    -       Third offense: call home + detention

    -       Fourth offense: referral to discipline + call home

    Makeup/Late Work:

    -       Will follow the district policy of number of days absent plus one.

    -       All work must be turned in on the due date. 

    -       No late work will be accepted after close of the grading period (progress report and report card.

    Discipline Spectrum:

    -          Positive and negative behaviors will be recognized.

    -          Consequences will be determined by severity and frequency of behaviors

    -          Possible consequences: verbal warning, detention, Referral, lunch remediation, phone call home

    7th Grade Wish List: (Any items would be appreciated)

    -       Cap erasers

    -       Pencils

    -       Glue sticks

    -       Notebook and copy paper

    -       Paper towels

    -       Tissues

    -       Hand sanitizer

    -       Lysol wipes

    End of year course exam (EOC)

    State legislation requires that all 7th grade students taking the Civics course 2017-2018 to take the End of year course exam (EOC).  This year your child’s course grade will be determined using their grades, a teacher made final exam and their score on the Civics End of Course Assessment (EOC), which will be calculated as 30 % of their final grade.


    Quarter breakdown:

    There are 4 quarters in the school year.  Each quarters has between 3-4 units   The course assignments are located in the Quarter, each quarter covers a particular unit topic:

    Quarter 1:

       Unit 1: The citizen and US citizenship

        Unit 2: Foundations of Government, Law and American Political System

        Unit 3: The US Constitution and the structure, function, powers and levels of government

    Quarter 2:

        Unit 4: Bill of Rights

        Unit 5: Judicial Review and Landmark Cases

        Unit 6:The Rule of Law and American Legal system

        Unit 7: State Law and Local government

    Quarter 3:

        Unit 8: Civic Participation

        Unit 9: Political Participation and Media Influence

        Unit 10: Comparative government foreign policy and world affairs

    Quarter 4:

        Unit 11: Current events and geography

        Unit 12: Economics

    Parent and Student outside resources








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    I read and understand the course syllabus.                           

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