Ms. Victoria Arribas



Degrees and Certifications:

8th Grade American History G/HGifted Endorsed

Ms. Victoria Arribas



It is my pleasure to introduce myself as Ms. Arribas, your child’s 8th grade American History Teacher on the Gifted/Honors team.   This is my 12th  year teaching in Lake Co. at Windy Hill Middle School-Gifted/Honors)  It is my belief that parents and teachers can and should work together to create an atmosphere where academic and personal growth can take place. 

As an educator at WHMS I am committed to your child’s education.  As a faculty and in our Departments we teachers work cooperatively in lesson plans and in coordinating activities and weekly instruction.  Staying informed and involved in your child’s education is essential in staying successful and moving forward. 

· Students all learn in different ways and I will strive to accommodate varied learning styles. 


How I teach:

Personalized Learning-Student paced lessons intended to address different learning styles and interest of all students completed within a specific time frame.

· Guided or Cornell notes from lecture and from reading (taking notes if very important)

· Group activities where a problem or question is presented or students create a product together

· Activities where you will be asked to create pieces of writing. You will be asked to evaluate and analyze events we have studied.

· Activities that build your social studies skills.

· Questioning: Open ended questions that call for thinking skills such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation can help gifted and talented students apply new knowledge to other situations.

· Analytical situations– finding alternate solutions.

Personalized Leaning Per Unit.