• Positive Behavior Support

    Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is a behavioral system newly in place at Cypress Ridge Elementary. The children participate in specific lessons that clearly delineate how behaviors should look, act and sound! In addition, we teach the children our CRES expectations, which are the over arching goals for our school community. The central message of PBS is “Do the RIGHT thing because it’s the RIGHT thing to do.” This carries over in all environments of the school (and home) community. We use the acronym CRES to help the students remember that they should Cooperate, Respect others, Engage in their learning, and Select smart choices.


    Children are continually encouraged to make the appropriate choices through praise and acknowledgements. When a staff member notices a student making good choices, reward tickets are awarded. Students can save these to spend bi-monthly at “The Nest”, their reward store.  The teachings and acknowledgements associated with PBS add to a continued atmosphere of strong academics in a physically and emotionally safe atmosphere.
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