Jane Crowe, Property Control Specialist, 352-253-6752
     Trish Alderman, Property Control Assistant, 352-253-6751
    Property Control keeps track of all of the fixed assets in Lake County Schools.  We tag them when received and inventory them once a year.  We keep updated records in our school financial system of each fixed asset.  We assist the schools in sending them for disposition when they are no longer used at a school.  We work with Logistics to have surplus items picked up and determine whether to send them to auction, e-waste or to be repurposed and offered back out to other schools through our repurpose site.
    The Property Control Department is responsible for doing all of the tag and title work for all rolling stock in the Lake County Schools.  We are further developing procedures for items under $1000 that are mobile and also, due to the volume of items ordered, are of great value to the district.
    Property Control Forms are now available on the Procurement Services page link Forms.