• Mr. D. Draeger

     Mr Draeger

    Celebratory Best Practice

    The classroom is a workplace, a learning environment that requires respect and cooperation within that room. The goal is to create a place and atmosphere where you the student, your fellow students, and I can work and learn together. Every individual student shares in the responsibility for maintaining a climate where everyone’s work and efforts are respected, supported, and encouraged, and where everyone respects the need to focus in order to create quality work and meet higher standards of performance. With consistent effort success can be achieved.


    Instructional Best Practice

    To understand and learn new concepts takes diligence and effort. Content will be presented in a logical, progressive manner and in amounts, “chunking”, that can be reviewed and practiced in a daily manner. It is expected that the student does their part to learn and I will work with them and give them time and opportunity to help them understand those points that seem more difficult. Besides the terminology and concepts of the sciences, there is a process of gaining new information and we will work together to understand that process. With that effort and work, the student will achieve success in mastering the information.


    Inspirational Quote

    “The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary."--Vince Lombardi