• English Language Arts (4 credits required) *

    English 1

    English 2

    English 3

    English 4

    English 4 Florida College Prep

    AP English Language

    AP English Literature


    Mathematics (4 credits required) *

    Algebra 1

    Algebra 2


    Math for College Readiness

    LIberal Arts Math 1

    Liberal Arts Math 2


    Calculus Honors (only)

    AP Statistics

    AP Calculus AB

    AP Calculus CD


    Social Studies (3 credits required)

    World History

    US HIstory

    AP US History

    Economics with Financial Literacy (.5 credtit)

    US Goveernment (.5 credit)

    AP US Government (.5 credit)



    Science (3 credits required)


    AP Biology

    Anatomy & Physiology


    Physical Science

    Forensic Science

    Marine Science

    Earth-Space Science

    AP Environmental Science



    Fine/Perform/Practical Arts (1 credit required)



    Music of the World

    Digital Information Technology

    Foundations of Web Design

    User Interface Design

    Creative Photography

    AP Art History

    Theatre, Cinema, & Film Production

    HOPE/PE with a health component (1 credit required)



    Electives (8 credits required)

    Reading for College Success (.5 credit)

    AP Psychology

    AP Human Geography

    Spanish 1

    Spanish 2

    Spanish 3 Honors

    Law Studies (.5 credit)

    Social Media (.5 credit)

    Personal Fitness (.5 credit)

    Outdoor Education (.5 credit)

    Fitness Design (.5 credit)

    Peer Counseling 1 (.5 credit)

    Peer Counseling 2 (.5 credit)

    Critical Thinking & Study Skills (.5 credit)

    Life Management (.5 credit)

    Parenting Skills (.5 credit)

    Psychology 1 (.5 credit)

    Personal/Family Finance (.5 credit)

    Driver's Education (.5 credit)