• Online Homework
    Soon, the days of forgetting to turn in your homework will be a thing of the past! With our new textbook, we have access to a wonderful piece of technology allowing our students to do their homework on their computer (or smart phone, tablet, etc.). In order to access the site, please follow the directions below. You may wish to bookmark the My Portal log in page for quick reference.
    User Name: The User Name your child uses to log into the school's computers. (Found in the back of the agenda.)
    Password: The password your child uses to log into the school's computers. (Found in the back of the agenda.) 
    Math Homework
    Access your math book by clicking on Pearson EasyBridge. (The first time you log in, you will need to search for it. After that, it should be a brown tile on your main screen.)
    The first time you log into your book, you will choose an icon and background. On the next page (the page you'll usually get to after clicking on the brown tile), you'll see your programs. Click on the Pearson Realize icon to the right. You'll be taken to a page with the background image you chose. The Classes button will have your homework available to you.
    Once you've chosen your lesson, you can view the Visual Learning (video of the lesson), Another Look (video summary), and complete the Practice Buddy (homework). 
    Remember: My Portal ----> Pearson Easy Bridge -----> Pearson Realize -----> Classes ------> Choose the Lesson -----> Practice Buddy (Homework) 
    Don't Forget!
    In order to "Turn In" your homework...click the black "Turn It In" button. 
    Access I-Ready from the same portal by searching for I-Ready. (Don't forget the dash!) I-Ready is extremely important for students that are struggling. The program will help target missing skills and teach those skills to the students. The program can also be used to excel students that need a challenge as the software will adjust to the individual's needs.