• Welcome to Mrs. Reid's webpage!
    Here is what is going on in MUSIC at Astatula Elementary School-
    Dates for upcoming concerts:
    Tuesday, November 10th- 1st Grade Veteran's Day Concert with Strumming' Cats @ 9:10 and 9:40 am
    Tuesday, December 8th- 1st Grade Holiday Concert with Strumming' Cats @ 6:00 pm
    Wednesday, December 16th- Chorus Musical "Crazy Carols" @ 8:45 and 9:30 am
    Every Tuesday- Strumming' Cats rehearsal after school from 3:15-4:30 pm
    Every "F" Choice Day- Chorus for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders 
    Something for fun you can do at home or on the road...
    Here are some suggested apps to download if you are interested in activities at home:
    (In class, we use GARAGE BAND, MOZART INTERACTIVE, and VIRTUAL PIANO. Have fun exploring!!!!!!)
    Blob Chorus- pick out the correct note sung by funny blobs
    Chord Detector- Listens and detects chords in any given song (guitar)
    Classical Genius – Classical Music Exploration
    Cleartune – Tuner Music Gadget
    Do Re Memory - Simple app for learning notes on the musical staff
    DooDah - Best notes on staff tool for the very young
    Dr. Seuss Band – Like Rock Band for Dr. Seuss Lovers
    Dust Buster- fun piano games teaching you all about piano notes and songs
    Everyday Looper FlashNote Derby- Awesome way to practice your notes in a hurry.
    Fret Tester – Guitar/Bass/Mandolin
    GlowTunes – Visual Arts and Harmonic Music all in one app
    Guitar Lab Hear It, Note It- more piano fun all about dictation  
    Jazzy Day – Elementary knowledge of Jazz music
    Little Star Little Star HD- for babes, soothing music exploration
    Mad Pad Metronome – Metronome Music Gadget
    Monkey Drum- Listen, watch and repeat the rhythms played. Make your own too.
    Mozart Interactive- Love this exploratory app featuring one of our favorite mozart tunes
    Music Maximus – Symphony Orchestra knowledge
    Music Theory for Beginners – Tons of music theory skills and knowledge
    Musical Me- Music exploration for the young
    My Note Games – All sorts of fun games for Note Reading  
    Note Perfect Notes for Little Composers NoteWorks- chomper eats your notes as you identify notes
    Percussive Piano Monkey – Learn Those Notes app
    Pluto Learns Piano – Follow note shape on staff game
    Gadget Recorder Master- Teaches how to play the recorder.  
    Rhythm Repeat - Rhythm Memory Game
    Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer – Practice Sight Reading Rhythms
    Sound Recall – Pitch Memory Builder Game
    The House on Melody Street- interactive music book for young musicians
    Wild Chords- for guitarists- so much fun playing guitar games
    ZZZ – Drift Away to Sleep – music repetition