• Academic Resources
    Just Read This resource provides links to a variety of reading resources from the Florida Department of Education
    maps 101 Access maps and other interactive activities beneficial to the study of social studies through Maps101
    Sunshine Readers Learn about the Sunshine State Young Readers Award Program
    nutshellmath Get help on homework problems and gain access to tutorial lessons on the math concepts from your textbook.
    sheppard Learning becomes fun with free educational computer programs from Sheppard Software.
    Sunlink Make research projects a breeze by gaining access to the books of over 67 school districts through SunLink
    ap View thousands of images from the Associated Press Image Library. See Ms. Arthurs in the media center for user name and password.
    WHMS Resources
    Destiny Home Access the WHMS Card Catalog from home!
    Destiny School Access the WHMS Card Catalog from school.
    my lunch money No more scrambling for lunch money as the bus pulls around the corner! You can pay for school lunch from any computer with internet access! In addition MyLunchMoney allows you to limit what your child can spend their lunch money on!
    County and State Resources
    SI Logo Learn about enrolling your child in school offered accident insurance by visiting School Insurance of Florida.
    DOE  Home page for the Florida Department of Education
    LCS Home page for the Lake County School District
    Code of Conduct Electronic copy of the Lake County School Board Student Code of Conduct
    Code of Conduct Spanish Electronic copy of the Lake County School Board Student Code of Conduct in Spanish
    SSS Learn about and view the Sunshine State Standards
    Bullying Resources
    LCSBBullyLearn more about bullying! Visit the Lake County Schools Safe Schools page to learn more about what bullying is when, where, and with whom it can occur.
    Speakout Help put an end to bullying and crime with the SpeakOut Hotline!