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    Challenger Store
    The Challenger Store is part of our PBS program at Fruitland Park Elementary School.  It's a program that shows attention to positive behavior.  We try to highlight the positive in all students.
    Students receive Challenger Cash.  They have the opportunity to earn Challenger Cash in many ways during the school day.
    Some ways teachers give out punches are: daily signed agendas, completed nightly homework, turning in paperwork requested by the teacher, good line walking manners, staying on green ALL week, etc.  Each teacher/class has their own ways of giving out "punches" on the REWARD cards.
    The Challenger Store is open every other Friday during the lunch hours on the stage in the cafeteria.  It's run every other week by parent and community volunteers. 
    Items for the Challenger Store are mostly ALL donated by community partners or parents.  Items in the REWARD Store run from 1 card to 5 cards depending on the item.  (below is a list of items the students LOVE to see on the cart) 
    If you are interested in donating to the Challenger Store - you can contact Diane Blozis, Guidance Counselor at BlozisD@lake.k12.fl.us .

    Challenger Store Ideas:
    Store ideas:

    Pencils (#2) and  FUN decorative Pencils                Small decorative 3 x 4 memo books Mechanical pencils                                                 Pencil pouches

    Crayola Crayons (16/24 count)                               Colored Pencils

    Markers                                                                    Highlighters

    Blue/red/green pens                                                Manuscript paper

    Wide ruled notebook paper                                   Spiral notebooks

    Pencil top erasers & fun erasers                               Flash Cards        
    Book Covers                                                            Folders (they love FUN folders)              Puzzles                                                                     Traveling games

    Books                                                                       Math games

    Play money                                                              Calculators

    Board games – educational                                   Watches

    Protractors                                                               Calendars

    Personal headphones                                              Pedometers

    Water Bottles (w/measurements)                            Small Foam dice

    Stop watches                                                          Small craft projects


    Ideas of where to purchase items are:
    Dollar Tree
    Dollar section at the following:
       Jo-Ann Fabrics