Fruitland Park Elementary
    School Awards
    5 STAR Award - 2012-2013 & 2015-2016
    Both the letter and spirit of the school improvement and accountability legislation are built upon the active involvement of parents, guardians, business people, and other community members in an effort to improve Florida's schools.  The legislative intent is to return the responsibility for education to those closest to the students.  That is the schools, teachers, and parents.  Recognizing that the involvement of the community is vital to student success, the Commissioner of Education and the former Commissioner’s Community Involvement Council established the Five Star School Award.


    This symbol of achievement is presented each year to those schools that have shown evidence of exemplary community involvement.  Eligible schools are designated annually and must be renewed each year.  Schools that achieve this designation will receive the Florida Department of Education’s highest award for community involvement.


    In order to qualify for this award, a school must achieve 100% of the criteria in the categories of Business Partnerships, Family Involvement, Volunteers, Student Community Service, and School Advisory Councils. The school must also have a portfolio that documents the achievement of each criterion.

    Golden School Award

    This is an award in recognition and appreciation for the leadership and support rendered to the School Volunteer Program.