Be strong.  Be proud.  Be what you love.  
    Be your passions.  Be your beliefs.  
    But most of all....Be YOURSELF and
    this will be an AMAZING year!
     Kim Okey
    7th grade  Science
    Phone #:  (352) 383-6101, ext. 3890
    • Born and raised in the Carolinas
    • Attended Clemson University and Presbyterian College
    • B.S. in Biology with a minor in Secondary Education
    • 28 years teaching experience (HS Biology, Zoology and Algebra 1/2 as well as MS Life Science, Earth Science and Physical  Science)
    • Married 34 years with 3 sons, a beloved dog, and a grandbaby 
    • Sunshine, baseball, my fabulous 5 friends, and the beach make me happy


    Peace, Love and Sweet Tea, y'all!