SCHOOL YEAR 2018-2019

    Dear Parents:

                  Welcome to Clermont Middle School if you are a new student!  And welcome back those that are returning!  I’m very excited to teach your son/daughter this year.  The general theme for our ongoing activities is TRAVELING AROUND THE WORLD. This thematic unit will be cover with a variety of activities throughout the school year.  Students will learn  all about  Florida, U.S.A history ,different cultures and civilizations using a variety of strategies while writing, composing and researching . As you know, we are preparing our students for the journey of their future.  Here, at Clermont Middle we use Unique Learning System Curriculum as the main framework. This curriculum is integrated not only to reading but math, science, social studies and independent skills. Teaching to Standards Science and Math will also be used as supportive curriculum. In addition, we will start ORAL PRESENTATIONS this year (more info. coming up)

    We will be working in our HYDROPONIC garden twice a week. We will plant in the fall a variety of vegetables and herbs. We want students to learn about sustainable sources and STEM activities.

    We will work intensively in all academic areas but even more in all the independent/social skills needed for them to succeed in the community.  To expose each student in all areas we have different set ups and activities guided toward the goals.  We will continue with organizational skills using the AVID binder/ daily agenda sign in and homework. It is crucial to develop ORGANIZATIONAL skills to our students. The skills will translate in ALL areas of their lives as they grow to adulthood!

    Our new endeavor this year is INDEPENDENT SKILLS/LIVING SKILLS…. Students will learn how to solve problems in the school setting and beyond.

    You will find a link to the school materials in the Things to Know tab….As we go into different projects,I will let you know what is needed for specific activities.  Also, presentations will be held in the morning. We will send you an invitation ahead of time so you can prepared and make arrangements to come a see your child’s presentation. The first presentation will be around the end of October depending how students are adjusting to all the new changes. You will receive more information as we move forward.

    Remember that you can check my web site page in doubt of any information or question and also to support your child with homework.

    As always, if you have any questions or concerns,  I’m at your service by phone, agenda book notes or email.  Looking forward to the new school year!