• Volunteering (Link at the bottom of this page)

    Volunteers are an important part of Fruitland Park Elementary. Fruitland Park Elementary has been extremely fortunate to have many parents who support our school through volunteer efforts. Many of our parents go above and beyond! You can have a wonderful, fulfilling experience volunteering in numerous ways.
    Teachers and staff have a variety of needs when it comes to volunteering. Many teachers enjoy having an extra pair of hands in the classroom. Some teachers need assistance with projects and activities, tutoring children, or performing a number of endless, but necessary, clerical duties, such as cutting, sorting, tearing, stapling, and filing. Teachers also need chaperones throughout the year to assist on class field trips or with special events in the classroom.
    Other teachers have work that can be sent home to parents who work outside the home during the day.
    Volunteers are also needed in other areas of the school, such as in the library. Special events throughout the year are not possible without our volunteers! Those events include the Book Fair in May, fundraising activities, and Field Day. Parents can not attend a field trip or our school field day without a volunteer two form approval. Get your form in EARLY!
    Here are some specific ways you can help!
    1. Assist in a classroom.
    2. Shelve books in the Media Center (always needed!) 
    3. Attend Family Nights.
    4. Be a member of the School Advisory Council.
    5. Chaperone a field trip. 
    6. Bake some goodies for the class.
    7. Do work for the teacher at your home.
    8. Purchase goodies for the students (as requested by the teacher).
    9. Help with the Reward Store.
    10. Help with school pictures.
    11. Help prepare for 5th grade graduation.
    12. Work at Book Fairs, usually in the spring.
    13. Help set up and man the games at the PE Field Day in the spring.
    14. Help with Health screenings.
    15. Help with seasonal class activities.
    16. Help put up and take down bulletin boards.
    17. Count orders with school fundraisers.
    18. Help with Teacher Appreciation days.
    19. Attend PTO meetings.
    Volunteering at Fruitland Park Elementary is as easy as A-B-C!
    A. Fill out paperwork and get approved.
    B. Find out what you can do.
    C. Do it! 
    Lake County School Board policy dictates that all volunteers complete a form at the school before you can begin working with students. This process can be completed each year at the August Open House, or at other times in the front office. There is a waiting period before you can begin accruing your volunteer hours, so please get your paperwork completed as soon as possible.
    Volunteer Applications Online - Link Below 

    If you would like to go on field trips, volunteer to help in your child's class, help with any campus events, or participate in the Room Parent program - you will need to fill out a Volunteer Form every 3 years
    All applications are submitted online this year. Please follow the instructions given by the county to submit your application. If you need help with this process, please call Kristine Cavinder at 352-787-2693.

    Once your application is approved you will receive a phone call to set up a short volunteer training meeting (if working on campus) then you will be all set volunteer! 
    It takes 2-4 weeks to be approved.
     Choose Level 2 approval if you are interested in chaparoning field trips.