- A note from home, signed by the parents or a note from the doctor, is required following each absence. 
    - The note needs to include the students name, the date the student was absent, & the reason.
    - The note must be signed by the parent/guardian or doctor. 
    - An Absence will not be excused unless a note is received.  Only those reasons listed in the Code of Conduct (pg 1) will be excused otherwise the absence will be unexcused.
    - An automated call will go out each day to parents/guardians of any student absent.  This is a new procedure from the County as of February, 2018.
    - You do not need to call in the excuse - but you do need to send in an absence excuse note. 
    * PreArranged Absence:  If you know your child will miss school for a several days due to a death in the family, a graduation out of state, etc. please fill out and turn in a PreArranged Absence Form.  This form is signed by the teacher then the principal.   Excused approval of an absence on this form is based up on many things - some of which are attendance, discipline, grades, how close to testing it might be, how close to a holiday it might be, etc.  Please note that if the absence is approved by the principal, it is an excused absence and still counts towards their attendance.  After the form has been signed by the principal, the school secretary will call the parent as to whether the dates were approved/not approved.  *Class work is ALWAYS able to be made up no matter the decision. 
    **Click this red link for a Pre-Arranged Absence Form

    Students are expected to attend school for the entire day.   School hours are 8:30am - 3:00pm (Wed. 2:00pm). Checking in after school starts or before the end of the school day will be marked as "TARDY" and will count against the student's attendance.
    The Lake County School Board policy concerning attendance is printed in the Code of Student Conduct, which parents receive each year.
    For more information regarding attendance see the Early Check Out/Attendance page.