Welcome to Fruitland Park
    Extended Learning Center (ELC)

    Before & After School Care








    •  Registration forms are available at the ELC office. 
    • An annual, non-refundable $20 registration fee is as weel as first week's tuition are due at time of enrollment.
    • Registration fee and tuition are two separate checks, or money orders.  Payable to Lake County Schools.  We do not accept cash.


    • Before school hours are 7:00 a.m. until school begins and after care hours are from the time school ends until 6:00 p.m. 
    • Calendars are available at each ELC site indicating the days the site will be open and closed.





    Weekly Tuition

    Before & After School per week - $43.00 full pay, $21.50 discounted rate
    Before School ONLY per week   - $20.00 full pay, $10.00 discounted rate
    After School ONLY per week     - $35.00 full pay, $17.50 discounted rate
                                                        (Includes week with single day holiday). 
    Summer Camp - $70.00 per week full pay, 50.00 discounted rate.


    All fees are due on the Friday prior to the week of services. 

    All fees paid after Friday will be assessed a $5.00 late fee per student.





    All persons working in the ELC Program possess and maintain CPR/First Aid certification.  ELC Site Coordinators have completed coursework in the child-care field.  ELC staff are School Board employees under the supervision of the school principal and the Director of Career-Technical, Adult & Community Education.
    For more information, contact Tina Nelson, ELC Coordinator at 787-9004.