Student Registration - for new students
    School Year 2018-19
    Please come by the school office for a registration packet during normal working hours.  Normal hours are 7:30am-4:00pm Monday - Friday.  Summer hours are 8:00 - 4:30 (not open on Fridays)
    Paperwork must be completed in black or blue ink.  Please print (not cursive) on all forms. 
    Legal parent or guardians are the only ones that can register a student.
    A student must be 5yr old on or before September 1, 2018 to enroll for school year 2018-19
    You MUST have the following documents (along with the packet) with you when you come to enroll - we can not hold partial packet.  So please be sure you have ALL required paperwork. 

    **Please be advised that student’s coming from Pre-K will need UPDATED SHOT RECORDS to enroll in Kindergarten.

    1.  Birth Certificate;  (Social Security Card is Optional)
    2.  Immunization Record, which includes: (If from out of state, must be on FL Form)
             * 5 DPT
             * 4 Polio (As of 2011, if the 4th dose of vaccine is administered prior to the 4th birthday; a 5th dose will be required for entry into Kindergarten)
            * 2 MMR
             * 3 Hepatitis B
             * 2 Varicella
    3.  Physical Examination dated August 10, 2016 or later. (If from out of state, must have physical on FL Form)
                       4. Valid Florida Driver's License w/current physical address OR a Florida Voter's Registration Card w/current physical address.
                       5.  Any One (2) of the following for parent/legal custodian Proof of Residence that includes the current physical address:
                                     *Lease Agreement                              *Rent Receipt
                                     *Bill of Sale/Deed for house               *Homestead Exemption Receipt
                                     *Utility deposit receipt                        *Utility bill (water, electric, landline phone)
                       6.  If above documents are addressed to someone other than the legal parent/custodian/guardian: a notarized statement from relative, friend, landlord, etc., indicating how long they have lived at that residence, the location, and names.
                       7.  If the student(s) lives with a person who is not their parent/legal guardian/legal custodian: A notarized statement of intent to seek legal custody/guardianship then provide such affidavit of custody within 30 days of enrollment.
                       8.  School Choice - Printed out School Choice confirmation/notification email it out of our FPE school zone.