Drop Off/Pick Up
    Information for Parents
    If any transportation changes need to be made during the day - parents/guardians please call the front office prior to 2:30pm (1:30 on Wednesday).  No changes will be made after that timeWhen you call in, you will need to know your child's security code. It is the only way we will be able to verify the caller is you.
    Car Riders:   Our car ramps are one way only.  Please do not leave unattended cars in the car ramps and DO NOT pass the cars who are loading. This is for the safety of the children entering the cars.
    Kindergarten, 1st grade children and their siblings should be dropped off and picked up in the front of the school.  (Fountain Street entrance)   Drop off time for the front is after 8:05 am and pick up is 3:00pm (2:00 pm on Wednesdays).  CAR RIDER drop off map
    All other 2nd grade thru 5th graders should be dropped off and picked up on the side car ramp (Miller Street/466A entrance).   Day Care vans will also pick up on the side car ramp.  Drop off time for the side is after 8:05 am and pick up is 3:00 pm (2:00 on early release days).  Students dropped off between 8:05 -8:15 am need to report to the cafeteria until they are dismissed to go to class.   CAR RIDER drop off map
    All regular car-riding students should be picked up by 3:30pm (2:30 on early release days) in the parent pick-up area.   Parents are asked to stay in their cars and follow the directions of staff members on duty in the car rider area.   **If students are not picked up by 3:30/2:30 , parents need to come into the front office and sign their children out.
    Smoking is not allowed on any School Board property.
    *Please do NOT park down Victoria Street and ask students to come to the car.  Victoria St. is a one way street during arrivals and dismissals. 
    *Students are asked to remain seated & listen for their names to be called during the pick up times.
    Walkers and Bike Riders:  will be dismissed in the front of the school first at 3:00/2:00 Wednesdays.
    If it is raining and you wish to pick up your child by car, please call the front office prior to 2:30pm (1:30 on Wednesday).  No changes will be made after that time.   Students who walk or ride bicycles should go directly home after school.   Walkers and bike riders must bring a note to their teacher if they are going home a different way.
    Kindergarten students will be taken to their dismissal areas prior to dismissal starting in order to get them to the designated area they need to be before the rest of the school is dismissed. 
    *If any student is to go home a different way then normal, please send a note to the teacher indicating that change.  Without a note from a parent, students will be dismissed in whatever manner is normal for them.  No changes will be made after 2:30pm (1:30pm on Wednesdays).
    **To alleviate hallway congestion and to provide the safest possible environment, parents are requested not to escort their children through the hallways before and after school.