• Lunch
    Cafeteria & Food Staff
    Meal Prices 2015-2016
           Breakfast                                                Lunch
     FREE for all students                                   $1.90
                                                                                Reduced: $.40
            Lunch  $2.90
     These are available to all students.  If you do not want your child to be able to purchase these types of items - please contact Food Service at 352-742-6970 and their account will be blocked from buying extras.
    Low Fat Chips        $ .50
    Extra Entree            $1.75
    Extra veggie/fruit     $.50
    My Lunch Money
    **Reminder:  Go to www.mylunchmoney.com.
    This is a website that will help you make sure your child always has money in
    his/her account.
    Food Staff:
              Lennon   Carla Lennon, Manager
                                            787-8169 or LennonC@lake.k12.fl.us

          Croteau     Ms. Susan Croteau 
                                                                           (No Picture)    Ms. Lecreisha Glover
    Hurt     Ms. Valerie Hurt 
                                                                          (no picture)    Ms. Brenda McBride 

               workman     Mrs. Lynda Workman
    (No Picture)  Teresa Watson 
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