• Lake County Virtual School

    Frequently Asked Questions

    ·        What is the difference between Lake Virtual School and Florida Virtual School?

    o  Lake Virtual School is a Lake County public school.  We use Florida Virtual as a provider for some of our courses.  We offer K-12 curriculum free to any Lake County student from various providers that currently include:  K12 and Connections for elementary, Florida Virtual School and Edgenuity for secondary.   The staff is comprised of personnel that live locally and understand Lake County students.   

    ·        What types of virtual courses do you offer?

    o  We offer a full virtual program for grades K-12.  All of our courses meet Florida graduation requirements.

    ·        How do I sign up for Lake Virtual School?

    o  Full time students can enroll during our enrollment windows (before the start of the fall semester and before the start of the spring semester).  Part time students can enroll in our courses at any time during the school year by making a request with their guidance counselor at the school they are attending.

    ·        Can my child take classes with Lake Virtual School while attending another school?

    o  Yes; many students do this.  They are considered part time students as mentioned above.  You need to communicate your request with your guidance counselor at the school you attend.

    ·        Can my child be a student with Lake Virtual School and still participate in extracurricular activities at his/her zoned school?

    o  Yes; students are allowed to participate in extracurricular activities at the brick and mortar school he or she would be zoned to attend.  You would need to communicate with the guidance counselor at the zoned school for additional information.

    ·        Can my child get a diploma from Lake Virtual School?

    o  Yes; we are a Lake County school and any child that fulfills Lake County graduation requirements as a Lake Virtual student would earn a diploma and participate in our graduation ceremony. Bright Future Scholarship opportunities may be available to students as well.

    ·        Can my child take dual enrollment classes with Lake Sumter State College as a Lake Virtual School student?

    o  Yes; please click on the guidance tab for further information.

    ·        Can my child be homeschooled and take LakeVirtual School classes?

    o  Yes; students can be homeschooled and take courses with Lake Virtual School. Parents and students would need to log-in to FLVS and identify their school as homeschool.  They should also be registered as homeschool through Lake County Schools (for information regarding home school call:  352-742-6951).

    ·        Are on-line courses offered at a specifictime during the day?

    o   By their nature, online courses do not have to be offered at a specific time of the day. Online teachers primarily interact with and instruct students on an individual basis using different methods of communication at various times of the day. Online teachers may also set up group sessions at specific times to cover selected topics or to provide additional help for students.

    ·        Will my child have a textbook?

    o  No; the curriculum is on-line. Some of the elementary grades may have additional resource materials and occasionally students will need a supplementary resource for a course (i.e. a novel for English class), but the majority of the curriculum is available on-line.

    ·        Can students take courses such as Advanced Placement or advanced through virtual programs or schools?

    o  Yes; we offer advanced middle school courses as well as advanced placement and honors high school courses.

    ·        Who teaches the courses?

    o  The courses are taught by Lake County teachers that hold valid Florida teaching certificates in their subject area.

    ·        How does my child communicate with the teacher?

    o  Students can communicate with their teachers through phone calls, text messages, e-mails, and/or face to face tutoring sessions.

    ·        How are the courses designed?

    o  The courses are designed to be rigorous and meet state standards.  Students must complete all of the course work in order to receive credit for the course.

    ·        Do Lake Virtual School students take FSA?

    o  Students that are enrolled with Lake Virtual School as full time students will complete all required state testing (i.e. FSA, EOC).  Students will take these tests at Lake Virtual School.  Lake Virtual School’s test coordinator will organize the testing and notify parents and students regarding testing dates and times.

    ·        What does it mean to “stay on pace” with a course?

    o  Staying on pace means completing a minimum number of assignments weekly in each course so that students can successfully complete the courses (courses should be completed so that students can be promoted to the next grade level).  Staying on pace is very important because students need to make progress in order to learn.  If students are not on pace, they may be withdrawn and may be identified as truant.  Students can always work faster and complete early!

    ·        How do I know if virtual school is a good fit for my child?

    o  A successful virtual student is self-motivated, disciplined, and is reading at or above grade level.  Students should have daily access to a computer and Internet connection.