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    Temperature at School
    • A child with a temperature of 100 or above will be sent home and should not return to school until the temperature is normal for 24 hours without Tylenol or other fever reducing medication.
    • Lake County School District does NOT give Aspirin or Tylenol for an elevated temperature unless ordered by a doctor.
    • If a temperature is 103.8 or above and a parent cannot be reached, the school will call 911 (at your expense) for medical attention for your child.  A temperature of this degree can cause seizures in some children and medical attention is essential.  We do NOT give aspirin for any reason unless ordered by a doctor.
    • If there are concerns or questions regarding medications administration in school, please contact the Health Educators Office at 742-6954.
     Ill Students
    • Parents will be notified by phone to pick up ill students.  No one will be permitted to pick up a student unless their name is on the pick up list in the front office.  Please bring your picture ID.  Students who are ill must be checked out from the Care Corner.  We do NOT have personnel or facilities to keep students that are ill.  EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBERS MUST BE LISTED ON THE STUDENT INFORMATION SHEET AND KEPT CURRENT.
    • Lake County Health Department policy requires that parents check out students who are found to have lice and/or nits.  Students must remain out of school until ALL lice and nits are removed. 
    • We check each student on Mondays and as needed.  Only the first day after the occurrence of head lice or nits is considered an excused absence.  All other days following this occurrence will be considered unexcused.
    • Students found with lice or nits must be brought in by their parent or guardian to be rechecked before they will be allowed to return to class.
    Non-Prescription Medication
    • Non-prescription medication is purchased over the counter.  it does not require a doctor's order to purchase.
    • Non-prescription medication may be given for 72 consecutive hours once in the school year with parental authorization.
    • the Parent/Guardian must bring the medication to school, and a Lake County School non-prescription medication authorization form (MIS 61D003) completed and signed.
    • Medication will not be given to exceed the recommended dose without a doctor's prescription.
    • The medication MUST be FDA approved and arrive in the original sealed package.
    • If the medication is required beyond 72 hours at school,  the medication MUST have a doctor's written order and parental consent.
    • Lake County Schools may not administer and students may not carry the following non-prescription medications:
    Cold remedies; throat sprays; Herbs; Vitamins; Cough Drops; Cough Syrup
    Eye, Ear and Nose medications; Medicated or non-Medicated ChapStick or Blistex.
    • Cold remedies are available that last 8-12 hours and can be given before the child leaves for school.
    • If the parent's directions exceed the recommended dose stated on the package, the school will not give the medication without a physicians order.
Last Modified on July 7, 2015