Mr. Albert John DeJoseph III

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Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Albert John DeJoseph III

      I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and graduated from Bishop Neumann High School in 1972. Afterwards, I attended the Philadelphia College of Art and Franciscan University, completing my degree in History at Glassboro State College in New Jersey. After 10 years in Banking and Retail Management, I decided to pursue a career in education, receiving my New Jersey State Teaching Certification from Rowen University, while employed full time. After moving to Florida in 2001, I became one of the original staff members at East Ridge High School, where I have successfully worked as a Knight to this day. I am currently teaching Economics and I am a proud sponsor of the East Ridge Art Club.

Philosophy of Education
     As Dr. Albert Einstein once said, "Imagination is much more important than knowledge", in that what we think we know and what future imaginations may uncover, are often two very different things. And as such, I attempt to instill in our students a sense of wonder and excitement for what they may one day uncover. Learning should be fun, an adventure into the very heart of the mind and the universe it perceives.
Best Practice
     I think that having students come to the realization that they truly understand something is to be celebrated by each and every person in the class. Learning is a powerful tool in the students efforts to become a better person and contribute to the welfare of all they come into contact with. This is why I use positive reinforcemnets to motivate my students on to high levels of mastery in the area of Economics. Moreover, recognition and positive feedback are very effect in motivating a student to seek out new learning experiences in and out of the classroom.