Laura Pagan-Lopez



Degrees and Certifications:

Laura Pagan-Lopez

Celebratory Best Practice

 “In order to develop the positive essence at East Ridge High, I implemented the Praising Word of the month in Spanish.  We learn by repetition and modeling. Everyone will high five their partners and praise their work.  

Fabuloso! Fabulous! Fenomenal! Phenomenal! Muy bien! Very good!

 We had a room full of teens who were receiving words of affirmation, in a different language.

Instructional Best Practice

   Engage in simple conversations. Pair Share.

   Demonstrate understanding of spoken and written Spanish. Short stories.

   Present information and ideas to an audience. Skits.

   Demonstrate understanding of social interaction within Spanish culture.

   Apply knowledge of Spanish language and culture in other disciplines. Projects & Games