• iPD is a phrase that you’ll hear tossed around the Lake County School District often this year and, as usual, ERMS is leading the county on this new journey!
    WHY do our teachers need iPD?

    Research shows that teacher collaboration leads to a shared sense of intellectual purpose and a sense of collective responsibility for student learning. Additionally, teacher isolation has been a common issue because they were not provided with sufficient opportunities to work together. Student success depends on innovative assignments that require students to show their understanding, use their knowledge and skills to solve problems, create written and multimedia presentations, and complete real-world tasks.

             Teacher teamwork within the school will provide the best professional development in which to create rigorous assignments for our students. At ERMS, we believe that our teachers must collaborate to create complex tasks while implementing the new Florida Standards to see student success on a consistent basis. Through what’s known as Innovative Professional Development, ERMS teachers will develop both engaging and rigorous lessons for our students in a collaborative setting.


    WHAT will we do at ERMS to provide iPD for our teachers?


    In an effort to provide core subject area teachers the time to plan with their departments bi-weekly (twice a month), East Ridge will include what’s known as a PLUS Team this school year. The PLUS Team will make it possible to catapult both students and teachers into a 21st century learning environment.

                So what is the PLUS Team you ask? Made up of 6 veteran Spartans, they are an innovative group of educators that will meet with your students in their respective subject areas twice per month. The team will serve as a resource for teachers in this year of many changes, lending their help in the implementation of the new Florida State Standards, BYOT, and blended learning. In addition, they will provide students the opportunity to master decision making skills, self-reflection, reading analysis, problem solving, research skills, and WICOR (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, Reading) skills in a classroom setting.
             Two PLUS Team members will be assigned to each grade level team, so your students will get to know their teachers very well throughout the school year. Infusing new and innovative ideas with proven effective strategies of success, your student is sure to benefit from this time with the PLUS Team! We are thrilled to embark upon this new journey of teaching and learning at ERMS.

    HOW can we do this at ERMS?


     Through blended learning, students will learn in part from online resources:


     FL Statute 1003.498 – School District Virtual Course Offerings

    “(1) School districts may deliver courses in the traditional school setting by personnel certified to s. 1012.55 who provide direct instruction through virtual instruction or through blended learning courses consisting of both traditional classroom and online instructional techniques. …”

     FL Statute 1002.321 – Digital Learning Act

    “... (c) Education that is customized to the needs of the student using digital content. …”