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    Mo'Hawk Time: A and B lunches
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    Celebratory Best Practice:

    Affirmation is something we yearn for regardless of which walk of life we come from. I realized very early in my own schooling the power of affirmation. As such, each written assignment I grade I praise its author at least once regardless of the quality of the work submitted. Of course, my feedback will also include constructive criticism, yet it is the positive reinforcement which I feel is most advantageous to the student. It is my most sincere and direct way of letting my students know that I value their effort, I am cognizant of their development as an individual, and I am grateful for the journey of enlightenment we share together. We all seek affirmation, we all deserve to be affirmed, yet so few ever receive it. That ends here.


    Instructional Best Practice:

    One of the first things I have my students do in class is identify an area of strength and an area of weakness within them. After allowing time for reflection my students present these two areas while introducing themselves in front of their peers. This experience allows the students to connect with one another by sharing some of the virtues and faults that make each of them unique. The students also are able to rally each other as they present in front of their peers. While this experience often met with nervousness, I encourage my students to feed off each other’s positive reinforcement. At the conclusion of the activity the class becomes more united as a result of this journey together as well as more self-aware; all the while practicing a skill which will be used throughout their professional careers.

    Inspirational Quote:

    “What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the human soul.”

                                                                                                                       -Joseph Addison