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  • STEM-tastic!

    Posted by Amber-Dawn Christ on 11/16/2015

    We hade a STEM-tastic TIME learning about different methods of telling time last week! To wrap up our learning, I gave the kiddos a challenge... You're lost in the woods. You don't have a watch and your cell phone is dead. Using only the materials in your backpack (a paper plate, pencil, marker, tape, piece of paper), what is a way you can create to tell what time it is before it gets dark? Boy, are these kiddos smarties! They came up with a sundial right away. But that was the easy part. Now they had to build one - that works! They had a fantastic time troubleshooting and working together to get the job done! Way to go guys!

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  • Science Center Fun!

    Posted by Amber Christ on 10/24/2015

    We had a great first field trip to the Orlando Science Center on Thursday! The kids were amazed and engaged and had a great time. They got learn about native Florida wildlife including alligators and snakes (eww!). They also got to play with all kinds of sciencey stuff including two hands-on STEM activities! They were building shelters and making electric circuits. We had a fabulous day and can't wait for our next day out!Team Christ! Gator! No faces! ;)

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  • Firsties First Field Trip!

    Posted by Amber Christ on 10/21/2015

    Tomorrow is our FIRST field trip of the year! The Firsties are so excited! Okay, I'm excited, too! We're headed to the Orlando Science Center for a day of science fun and learning. I'm planning on taking lots of pics so look for them in the next post! Can't wait to see the kiddos in the morning!

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