Ms. Heidi Hoffman
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    7:30-8:00 1:35-2:45
    •  Individual & Dual Sports
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    • K-12 Physical Education  
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    Welcome to Lake Minneola High, were we are - One Hawk! 

    Hawks are...Honorable, Academically Focused, Wise, Kind-hearted, & Successful 

    Teacher Profile

    If you ask me where I am from I may show you my hand and point to it. I am from the mitten state - Michigan. I  moved to Florida in 2005 to attend Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida where I earned my Bachelor Degree in K-12 Physical Education. This is my 9th  year teaching- six years for Lake County and the other years in Polk and Orange Counties. I enjoy the simple things in life from outdoor activities to sports and relaxing. Some of my favorite things to do are fishing, camping, kayaking, beaching, reading and gardening. I love teaching and I can't wait to start the new school year. 
    Celebratory Best Practice
    Modeling the essentials for a professional student-teacher relationship.
    The three P's:
    Be Polite
    Be Patient
    Be Positive
     You can do it. I can do it. We can do it. 
    Instructional Best Practice
    It's all about choices here! Not everyone enjoys physical activity but by giving students options in their daily physical activities we provide them the choice to personalize fitness through positive engagement. Students like the "physical activities" which encourage them to be more active, resulting in a healthy mind, body and spirit.  Lifelong commitment to physical fitness reduces stress, increases energy and promotes good health.
    Inspirational Quote 
    "Do your best and hope for the rest" H. Hoffman 
    "Make it a great day or not the choice is your's" H. Hoffman  
    "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing" G. Shaw 
     Go Outside & Play!