• Hello my name is Heather Livengood

    I am the Florida Standards Teacher (FST) for Tavares Middle School(TMS).  Since 2014 the state has moved away from Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and has implemented Florida Standards. My position was created to help staff and students with the adjustment.  

    This will be my thirteenth year with Lake County.  I have taught Social Studies (5-9, 6-12), Reading (5-9), and ESE (K-12).  I have my Master's degree in Education and Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. 

    Here are some of my job duties to give you an idea of what I do here at TMS:

    ·       Model enthusiasm, commitment and intensity focused on FL. Standards

    ·       Assist and support school leadership team and teacher in implementing the FL. Standards

    ·       Demonstrate and model instructional strategies for teacher

    ·       Provide consultation support to teachers as they work together with students in the classroom

    ·       Work directly with students as a demonstration classroom for best instructional practices

    ·       Serve as school capacity building contact, attending district professional learning and disseminating this information to the staff

    ·       Organize and facilitate professional development opportunities

    ·       Serve as a liaison between the school and district

    So I’m pretty busy here at TMS, but I love it.  I have found a great group of teachers, administration and most importantly students to work with.  I am very happy to service as I can and if you need to contact me please feel free at livengoodh@lake.k12.fl.us or phone is 352-343-4545 ext. 1728.


    1335 Lane Park CutOff
    Tavares, Fl 32778