• Treadway Elementary School
    Bears Teaching
    Please practice letter recognition and letter sounds daily. In addition, daily studying of sightwords will help to make your child a strong reader. 
    Kindergarten is such a fundemental time in your child's life.  Children learn to explore numbers by recognizing numbers and being able to count to 100.  They are able to show one-to-one correspondence with these numbers as well. 
    Learning to form their letters correctly and neatly  help them to learn the process of writing.
     Hello!  I am Terri Treadway.  This is my 16th year as a teacher in Lake County Schools.  I received my teaching degree from the University of Cenral Florida and went on to gain a Masters in Reading from NOVA University.  I have been married for 32 years and I am a mother of 3; 2 daughters and a son.  My oldest daughter has 2 daughters of her own, making me a grandmohter (or Granema as I am called).  I love teaching and can not imagine a more rewarding career.