Welcome Hurricanes! Welcome Hurricanes!  
              My name is Mrs. Ratliff and I teach Geometry Honors and Regular Geometry. Get ready for an exciting year as we explore the properties of space and figures. Gathering information from old guys like Rene Descartes, Pythagoras, Euclid, Archimedes, Euler, Fourier, Fibonacci, and Pascal, we will explore the practical uses of  Geometry today.

    Geometry and Geometry Honors




    Course Description: This course assumes that the student has demonstrated a solid foundation in algebra. Topics include the relationships between points, lines, and planes; the axiomatic system; logical thinking and proof-writing; measurement, including area and volume; congruency; similarity; two and three dimensional geometric figures; parallel and perpendicular lines; and the coordinate plane.







    • Pencils.....lots of pencils
    • Binder - 1-2"
    • paper-not spiral
    • Compass , Protractor
    • Scientific Calculator- NOT a graphing calculator. Make sure it has sine, cos, tan, fraction, square, square root, exponent, and parentheses keys (TI-30X or similar model is recommended). You will not be able to use your calculator on some assignments.
    • AVID STUDENTS: I am aware that all of your subjects are kept in one notebook.  

    **All materials are required to be brought to class every day! Binder is 1/2 of each test grade.





     Text: HMH Geometry 

     Absences: Please understand that if your child is absent, they are responsible for not only making up the work, but learning what they missed on their own. It is not my responsibility to re-teach what was missed. All lessons are available on line at the text book site. 







                                If everyone works together, education can be enjoyable!!



    Daily Routine:

    1. Class begins: the minute the bell rings. You must be seated when the bell rings. If you are not in your seat, you are tardy.
    2. Bell Ringer: Class will work on at the sound of the beginning bell. 
    3. Daily Lesson: investigations, lecture, discussions, practice
    4. Classwork Assignment: each day you will be given problems to work on, should you not finish, the assignment becomes homework.
    5. Class Ends:You may pack your bags the last minute of class.

    **** Online assignments will be given frequently. I have laptop computers in my classroom and students are given time in class to complete work.


    Note these special items:

    Students are expected to use the restroom during passing period. If they must use the restroom during class they will be counted tardy (not on skyward).  

    Three tardies = 15 minute detention

    Four tardies =  A referral and a Wednesday school.


    Phone Number: MDHS 352-238-2177 ext.1238
    E-mail: ratliffc@lake.k12.fl.us
    Web Page: https://www.lake.k12.fl.us/mdh



    Note to parents/guardians:

    I am truly interested in enlisting you as an educational resource for your child. I would like you to take this opportunity to review the materials I have provided here with your child. Please familiarize yourself with the rules, procedures, and expectations , and encourage your child to understand their importance in creating an appropriate, healthy learning atmosphere both at home and at school. I am committed to providing my students quality mathematics instruction and also expect that they are committed to making the most of their educational opportunities at MDHS. Being a high school student is a full-time job which has very demanding requirements. With this in mind I offer the following:

    Suggestions for your student:

    1. Attend class regularly: Please try to avoid planning family trips and non-emergency appointments which conflict with school attendance. It is your student’s responsibility to turn in any missed work, make-up any missed tests or quizzes, turn in missed bell-work, and copy missed notes. Everything is provided on line as far as notes are concerned. It the students responsibility to learn what was missed on his/her own.  
    2. Prepare for tests: It is your child’s responsibility to know when tests are and to study for them.
    3. Do NOT Cheat! You would be surprised to know that the percentage of students who “share” information is astronomical. There seems to be a common belief that “it isn’t bad because it’s only homework”. Cheating on homework is still cheating. If your student is caught sharing their work with another, both parties will receive a zero, a detention, and a phone call home. The second time caught will result in a referral. How do you know if they are cheating? Check the photos on their phone from time to time.

    Cheating Apps: Yes, there are several apps that allow a student to photograph the question and then the answer, WITH WORK, appears! Check your student’s phone.

    1. Tutoring:  I am available Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45 to 3:15. The Honor Society also has tutoring available in the media center twice weekly. A student can obtain a bus pass if needed. See Mrs. Ratliff for details.

    All above items subject to change as district and state legislation directives are given.