• Welcome to 2nd Grade!


    Ms. Shari Kinnard

    Hello parents, welcome to the 2nd grade at Fruitland Park Elementary.  My name is Mrs. Kinnard, and I am here to help your child explore and discover the adventures of 2nd grade.  I believe that while we work as a team, we will be helping your child discover the wonders and joy of learning.                                   


    Your child will start the year as an emerging reader and slide into the world of reading.  They will explore the joys of reading and writing, and I will work with them to develop a love for both the written and the spoken word.  Together we will discover the many places that a book can take us and the information that we can find in a story. We will also be exploring the strategies and fun of Math and the hands-on discovery of Science.

    This will be a year of growth and discovery for you, your child, and even for me.  I am looking forward to watching them grow.  You will be amazed at the work they will accomplish and the things they will learn.

    Thank you for entrusting your child to me for this coming year, I will guide them through 2nd grade.