•  Ms. Navarro


    Aixa Navarro


    English Teacher
    Graduate of: University of Florida Atlantic



    Celebratory Best Practice

     “I love taking the first few minutes of each class period checking in with my students. It starts with a handshake at the door and then continues while they gather their things to start the class together. I like to ask about their day, if they did anything fun over the weekend or if they have anything exciting coming up. I enjoy bringing a casual atmosphere to my classroom before getting started on the day’s lesson. It opens up for more vulnerable dialogue. Regardless of the day we have together, as students leave my class I always tell them to ‘make good choices’ it tends to end the class on a good note and they know that I care what happens to them.”

    Instructional Best Practice
    As an idealist and lover of all things daydreaming I am the complete opposite in my teaching style and philosophy. In my classroom I value the diversity in my room and take advantage of this to introduce real world situations and scenarios to my students. As an educators it is our job to prepare our students for a global community. I try to prepare my students for the reality that is everyday life. I want to always set them up for success through plan A, or plan b, or plan c. If things do not work I make sure my students know that there are 26 other letters in order to reach their goal.  Every student has endless possibilities on the life they may lead. I’m up for preparing them to be functioning and leading members of our society.

    Inspirational Quote

    “So often you find that the students you’re trying to INSPIRE are the ones that end up inspiring you.” - Sean Junkins
    This Years Courses 
     Looking forward to a great year! 
    Ms. Navarro