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    Biology:   Mondays & Thursdays

    Genetics:   Mondays & Fridays

    After school until 3:30 

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    • Biology I
    • Biology I Honors
    • Genetics Honors
    • Biology 6 - 12
    • Science 5 - 9
    Teacher Profile

    Born: Patchogue, New York
    Bachelor of Science in Psychology: SUNY Albany
    Master of Science in Human Genetics: Sarah Lawrence College
    Genetic Counselor: Nemour's Children's Clinic
    Teacher- Middle School Science: Windy Hill Middle/East Ridge Middle
    Teacher- High School Biology: Lake Minneola High School 
    Celebratory Best Practice

    Every student needs to feel empowered. It is my goal to have each of my students feel important, appreciated and confident that he or she can be successful. A positive attitude and self-confidence can open doors to a better future.

    Instructional Best Practice

    As part of a science curriculum, labs are very important. They allow students to engage in a hands-on approach to learning. It puts the concept at a concrete level which makes it more understandable for many students. At the end of each lab, students make inferences related to why certain things occurred. This allows for a different way of thinking. It requires the use of prior knowledge and critical thinking to develop original ideas. 
    Inspirational Quote

    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

    -Eleanor Roosevelt