Go Dawgs!

    First & Last Name:  Chris  Clausen 

    Grade/SubjectAgri-Science Foundations; Horticulture 2; Horticulture 3; Agriculture Sales and Service
    School Name: South Lake High School
    Phone: (352) 394-2100 Extension: 5496
    Email: ClausenC@lake.k12.fl.us



    My Education & Teaching Background: High School Diploma: Assumption Jr-Sr. High(1986); College: Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL, B.S. Animal Science (1990); Teaching Certification and Graduate School work in Workforce Education and Development at SIUC (2006-2008)

     Mr. Clausen's Agriculture Classroom Expectations:
    1. Be Respectful!! (To yourself, your peers, your teachers, administration, animals, equipment, facilities) Keep your hands to yourself.
    2. Be on Time- You need to be in class by the time the tardy bell rings. Unexcused tardies will eventually result in 20 minute detentions and referrals if problem is not solved. Late=Unemployed
    3. Be Responsible- Turn in assignments on time; if you break it, let Mr. Clausen know; with your electronic devises(see electronic device policy)
    4. Be Encouraging- Use words that build others up and not tear one another down.
    5. Be Safe-No horseplay in shop, garden, greenhouse.
    6. Be Prepared- Please bring a 70 pg spiral notebook, 3 ring binder,  pens, pencils, highlighter to class each day unless instructed not to.
    7. Be Involved- You get out of this program of what you put into it! It is highly recommended that you become a member of the South Lake FFA chapter. FFA is an agriculture youth leadership organization for SLHS. The FFA activities build from the classroom experience are intracurricular and fun and can lead to awards, scholarships, state, national, and possibly international travel. FFA dues are $30 and includes dues and T-shirt. $20 without the shirt.
    8. Be where you need to be- Do not be in the shop, greenhouse, chicken coop. or garden areas without permission.