• Laura Shafer 

    Welcome to Team 8A Physical Science!

    My name is Laura Shafer, and I am lucky to be joining the 8th grade Spartan team at East Ridge Middle School this 2017-18 School Year! We will be investigating many Physical  Science topics this year.  Here is the basic breakdown of those topics:

    1st 9 Weeks

    2nd Nine Weeks

    3rd Nine Weeks

    4th Nine Weeks

    ·  Practice of Science

    ·  Laws and Theories

    ·  Motion

    ·  Forces

    ·  Energy

    ·  Thermal Energy

    ·  Electromagnetic Spectrum

    ·  Waves

    ·  Properties of Matter

    ·  Atom and Periodic Table

    ·  Changes in Matter

    ·  Chemical Bonding

    ·  STEM

    ·  Human Growth and Development

     Should you have any questions or concerns for team 6A or Science, please email me at: ShaferL@lake.k12.fl.us
    Please explore my Schoology course regularly throughout the year for assignments and content related to my course.  This is accessable for all students through their MyPortal login. There they can also access Skyward to view grades, and their Google Apps and Google Classroom for Ms. Tibbett's class.