Welcome to the Virtual Lab! My name is Gayle Minnig. I look forward to working with your students this year in my class. If your student is taking an online class, whether through FLVS, LCVS, or Edgenuity, and has a class period on their schedule that indicates virtual lab, they will be with me in the lab. During the lab, the students have time to work on their online course. They will need access at home to a computer in order to stay on track and finish the course on time. If they do not have access to a computer at home, they can always go to the library and use their computers. They MUST have access to a computer outside of the classroom in order to stay on pace with their online course.
              Mrs. Gayle Minnig 
                         MDHS Virtual Learning Lab Facilitator 
                         352-383-2177 x.1233