• Mrs. Tricia Murphy
    Mathematics Department
    Algebra 2 and Algebra 2 Honors
    Mrs. Murphy  
    Celebratory Best Practices
    Rewarding students for meeting and exceeding learning goals is essential
    to effective teaching. It’s the small rewards that students cherish most in
    class, like stickers on a mastered assessment, a high-five in class, or
    receiving specific praise on a task he/she completed well. When student
    success is celebrated, motivation and student achievement increases.
    Instructional Best Practices 
    Learning goals and objectives are given daily so students know exactly
    what is expected of them.  Use of mathematical vocabulary is emphasized
    at the beginning of a new lesson so students feel comfortable speaking
    and writing.  I incorporate critical thinking and problem solving not only 
    through daily questioning, but also through the use of mini-tasks to teach
    concepts.  During mini-tasks, students work in groups to analyze, discuss,
    write, and share their findings on a complex math problem.  
    Favorite Quote 
    "Where there's a will, there's a way!"
       - English Proverb 
    Math Humor 
      Imaginary Number
     C & H