• Celebratory Best Practices

     Everybody works; nobody quits.  Willingness to try is the first step to success, failure is a given.  The only people who never fail are those who never try.  As a society we must cease demonizing error, we must be willing to make a few mistakes as we figure out the best way to get things done, and then we must follow through on both tentative and temporary failures with analysis so that we may do things better in the future as well as continuing to work with our successes to be certain they do not outlive their usefulness (what worked yesterday might not necessarily work tomorrow - when was the last time you journeyed to a faraway city on a steam-powered locomotive).  Willingness to try enables us to work smarter and better each day; work until you can't.
    Instructional Best Practices
    Be capable of performing tasks courageously and competently with high degrees of accuracy and precision.  Nobody wants to visit a dentist who is only correct 60% of the time.  Nobody wants to take their car to a mechanic who is only right 80% of the time.  The classroom is a safe environment to make mistakes and learn how to do things carefully and correctly so that in the real world we can apply problem solving skills and exercise the maturity to accept each problem as our responsibility to solve.
    "Most men and women, by birth or by nature, lack the ability to advance in wealth and power, but all have the ability to advance in knowledge." - Pythagoras
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