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    Mrs. Joel Melsha

    9th Grade AVID and English
    East Ridge High School
    Phone: 352-242-2080 x.4660
    Email: melshaj@lake.k12.fl.us



    My Education & Teaching Background

    I received my BA at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee and my MS in Logistics Management from the Air Force Institute of Technology.  I have been teaching in Florida for 15 years now.

     Course information

    AVID classes will be following the Weeks- at-a-glance and the AVID curriculum laid out on AVID.org.  English classes will follow the Lake County Scope and Sequence avaialble on the LCS website. Each student has a copy of the course syllabus providing details of expectations for the year. 
    Textbook Access
    English 1 will use the HMH Collections textbook, which has loads of resources on line. Students will be able to access this both at school at from home. We also have access to the text and related material via the My Portals section of the student page.
    To access the text, go to My Portals and download the ELA/HMH icon.  
    When you click the icon, the username is: studentfirstname.studentlastname@student.lake.k12.fl.us and the password is the FULL student ID number.  


    Planning period= 5th